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Scores from soccer, basketball, tennis, and any other sport you follow


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FlashScore is an app devoted to all sports lovers who don't want to miss a single league game or competition of the sport they follow. If you're a sports fan, this tool lets you follow every detail of almost thirty different sports, with more than five thousand leagues overall. With this app, you won't miss a single event anywhere in the world.

The results, which are shown live, offer all the important information that interests you most, giving you a broader idea of what's happening in exciting games. With this and a long list of statistics, you always know who's scored, how much time is left, and how the game is progressing. Also, every event lets you create an alarm that notifies you when something important has happened, or goes off minutes before starting time so you don't miss anything in any event.

The interface is simple and is designed to let you access any information or event without any big complications. You can navigate between all the games you're following easily, and quickly see all the updated information. Create your own following chart or add a team, tournament, or country to your favorites list, and never miss anything that happens every time one of them begins a game. Download FlashScore and follow millions of events live on your device's screen.